Update: 14 Game Wave Videos (counting)

As user Red Hulk states at youtube: Leap Motion Controller + Game WAVE + World of Warcraft = WIN. In the meantime some more videos came up using GameWave and FPS. Watch 13 Videos (counting)


Leap Motion /w, Mario Paint, Sonic 2 and Call of Duty 2….

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Red Hulk:

Testing out my Leap Motion Controller with a new app called GameWAVE. In this demo I’ll be firing off a few Warlock spells in World of Warcraft using hand gestures.

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Leap Motion & Torchlight II – Using GameWAVE for the first time…
Well, that was fun..

I shall be using both hands for the next GameWAVE video…
Muhahahahah, *cough* ahhh..

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This is my first attempt at setting up GameWAVE with Leap Motion and Penumbra to create a usable experience in gaming.

You can see that it’s not working exactly as I had anticipated it would when I set up all the controls in GameWAVE.


part 1

part 2

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part 3

part 4

part 5

Skyrim by Nicks Modded Tech :

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Leap Motion & Super Hexagon – Lookin’ like a hamster; woo!



Playing Limbo from Bartz Zheng


starcraft 2 by Cks Ric



Minecraft by derpywarthog

You have videos of your GameWave experience? Share it please! I will put them here all.