The Leap Dragon is on it’s way through time and space

leap dragon

What wouldn’t have been possible without the Leap Motion Controller? Asks Isaac Cohen from Leap Labs in his newest Article on

The Demo Leap Dragon/Snake  for Chrome Browsers by Isaac Cohen.

Isaac Cohen:

Every time I start a new project, this is the first question I ask myself. The answer is of course infinite, but to try and parse that infinity into a simple answer is always more difficult than I first expect. Many times, I’ll try to think about what another application looks like in ‘Leap Space’. For example, think about the game Snake. It may be the most simplistic application in the world, but what exactly would it look like in ‘Leap Space’?

The Leap Dragon is an exploration into this idea. It’s playable on my website and requires Chrome to use. The controls are extraordinarily basic. Simply touch the globes that are moving towards you. The globes that you touch will start adding to your tail, and soon enough you’ll have created a pulsing sound dragon. Depending on which globe you touch, different audio loops will become more powerful, and if you consume enough globes, you will have created a song.

As usual, I hope you’ll let me know what you think in the comments, on Twitter @cabbibo, or email I’d love to try and help out with any similar projects, or get into the nitty-gritty of the creative process, if anybody’s interested.

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