Update: Surprise Surprise: GameWave is out. Submit your GAW Files now.

What a surprise for most users, waiting for this app to come out.Geert Bevin created this app which may be the breakthrough for LEAP Game controlling as it seems to act very precisely. Games like Skyrim and Borderlands now can be played with your hand. UPDATE: After

¬†UPDATE: After some playing around with it, It’s getting more and more handy. In the first five minutes you might be a little bit irritated and ask yourself how you will ever work with it. But no reason to be afraid of: it works.

Of course it needs some tweaks and fixes – but for the initial version, it the program the LEAPers just waited for. Not only for games but for all kinds of interaction. GameWave makes it very easy and handy to setup the behaviour of your gestures.

Some future features might be steering and trigger mode at the same time to have more choices at once. Mixing gestures or even making gesture codes combination could be an option. Swiching between steering and trigger mode will be better, I am sure. I think there are a bunch of great possibilities now – in all kinds of applications. Great App – Great Work – 3,99 $ – good price.

Check out some of user generated *.gaw files. And don’t forget to share your configs here: http://leap.quitebeyond.de/upload/

The actual price is quite a bit more than the expected  3,99 $. The price is 4,75 $ (3,99$ including taxes). Still ok Рif it really does, what it it supposed to do.

Ratings at https://airspace.leapmotion.com/apps/gamewave/windows give a first impression.

What are gaw Files? Gaw files are just simply the config files for GameWave. As you are able to completely config the perfect file for your belongings, it’s up to you, how to interact with the computer. Many users are enthusiast in creating the “perfect” config file for any program soon. You can easily import those files and in no time you have the best control system.

You have played around with GameWave?

Now upload and share your files here: http://leap.quitebeyond.de/upload/

Please share your impressions in the comments.

Users already begin to share the (*.gaw) files, which are the setup files for the different programs.

Actual Files in Database:

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