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Java Champion: Geert Bevin – a short interview at Devoxx 2013 Hackathon

Geert Bevin – known for apps like GameWave and Geco Midi for Leap Motion –  talks about using Java, raspberry pi + Leap Motion to create a rainbow of colored lights in an interview by Tori Wieldt at Devoxx 2013. Congratulations to the Java Champion :).

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AirKey – open source gesture mapping & table mode

AirKey let’s you map and bind gestures to almost unlimited actions & key combinations to control your windows PC. In the future you may also create your own functions. AirKey is an open source program developed by Epikur, a member of the Leap Motion Forum.

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Using the LEAP with your feet: LEAP Feet

Demonstration of using feed and LEAP Motion by Tau Manifesto.  This could be a useful way to interact with a computer for people with disabilities. Another proof for that the LEAP that it is much more than a toy (we already knew this) which could also have some serious improvements for daily life. GameWave App and Leap make it easy.
As Tao Manifesto states at his Youtube Video:

This solution has the potential to give an even greater degree of freedom to those who have disabilities

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