Fun with LEAP Motion & LABView MidiController

Playing around with LEAP Motion and LabVIEW – on a virtual keyboard. Music seems to be a great way of using the LEAP Motion since it came out. Movement and audio-feedback is a great motivation to interact with the computer. Interesting setup. Bringing sounds on a wave of your hands even for the youngest users…

Using the Leap as the interface and a PC running LabVIEW, we get the virtual MIDI keyboard! Eric’s world will be even more radical than ours was!
You can change patches by the circle gesture. This first version, processes all finger tip positions – when they are closer than 240 mm to the leap, that counts as a strike on the keys – hits in the negative Z (Y) axis are the black keys and the positive are white keys… the X- axis is divided into 37 key areas…. now, I must work on a laser projector that displays the keys in space!