LEAP Motion + Windows 8 + Geco + Ableton Live

User Federico Gaumet submitted an interesting post about how to use LEAP Motion and Windows 8 + MIDI Port + Geco. Thank you for your submission. The original post is in spanish but can be translated with e.g. google translate + Chrome.

this excerpt is translated from spanish to english wit google translate:

For now, at least in this publication, I will not dwell on the (many) benefits provided by the use of LEAP MOTION but an important point for musicians is the connection of the device with audio processing interface, the Ableton Live . The forthcoming program will detail how to convert and MIDI controls from LEAP MOTION using software called MIDI Geco .

First experiences:

It is common in Windows using a wire or port MIDI virtual for internal musical software. Also be used for connecting various hardware, such as drivers, assigning each device internal communication channels. In Apple’s operating system, OS-X and is native MIDI cable.

The model I use hardware connections as control devices are four: ICON Control ; LEAP MOTION ; Capture Wacom Tablet & Genius Ring Mouse , entering the same software ABLETON LIVE 8.1.1 , so we need a virtual MIDI cable for communication of data input and output. Although in future publications describe as performed all connections now only describe that interest me realize between LEAP MOTION AND ABLETON LIVE.

Conexión MIDI mediante Geco MIDI a ABLETON LIVE. Post completo sobre como conectar el Leap Motion con Ableton Live usando Windows 8 y un MIDI Virtual port.
Explicación detallada aquí:


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