Leap Motion Starter Kit by m1_interactive

m1_interactive presents a leap motion starter kit with interesting included scenes.

The Leap Motion Starter Kit is a helpful starting point for developers using the Leap Motion Controller. This toolkit enables developers to create their own behaviors and to specify how game objects interact with the Leap Motion Controller data. The scripts are written to be flexible to maximize functionality while creating a basic framework for how hands will interact with game objects.
Five example scenes are included. Each demonstrates the various core input functionality of the Leap Motion and how to utilize it within the Unity development environment. The provided examples are excellent starting points to build upon for your own game!
Scenes included with the kit.
1) Weapons manipulation with guns, grenades and sword swiping! Throw a grenade, fire a machine gun, slice a banner with your sword!
2) Flying example with immersive cityscape environment. While flying, fire machine guns by using your index finger.
3) Bowling physics simulation with rotational force based on your hand’s spin. Strike!
4) Driving simulation using Unity wheel physics. Your hands control the rotation of the car’s steering wheel, throttle lever to control speed.
5) Boxing ring punching bag with virtual gloves!