Very accurate hand and finger recognition in 3D Space | Phalanges R7


Theo Armour shows a new demonstration of a work in progress web app. Hand and fingers (bones) are recognized in a very accurate way in this work-in-progress demonstration. Every single bone (phalanges) gets recognized.

Theo Armour: The goal is to build a web app with the procedures required to display – correctly and in real-time – a user-manipulated 3D hand – or claw – or appendage. This demo shows what is still a work in progress.

Source Code here:…

Live demo here:…
– Requires a Leap Motion device

The motion is captured using a Leap Motion device. See

The 3D graphics are generated using the Three.js JavaScript library. See

The video was recorded using CamStudio.http:// There needs to be work on capturing data at a better frame rate.