Ever wanted to find a happy place for LEAP Motion?

There you go: Thanks for the submission to Theo Armour we finally found a happy place with nice examples. At his Website you can try out several 

examples and demos for the LEAP Motion controller.
Check out http://jaanga.github.io/gestification/


Theo Armour:

“Toto, I have a feeling we are not in Flatland anymore…”

These are cookbook examples to help programmers learn about the code.
Use your pointing finger  to control the hand and touch things.
Slide the round lozenge thing to see more apps.
Touch ‘Demo’ to run the app.
Touch ‘Code’ to see the source on GitHub.
Reload page to update the color scheme.

If what you want to do can be done on a flat surface then finding a good use for the Leap Motion is going to be challenging. I am not saying it can’t be done, but more that cool ways have not yet been thought of. And much as we all like Minority Report the great portion of what we see there could be done just as well with a touchpad. And furthermore the Leap Motion device has, as of this writing, only a very small field of vision and must be in a position where hand activity is just above the device.

Check out http://jaanga.github.io/gestification/

His website at: http://www.jaanga.com