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Elon Musk Reveals ‘Iron Man’ Tech for Rocket Design

Elon Musk uses the LEAP Motion to rotate and create wire models of rocket parts in a CAD software. The intuitive interaction between the objects in 3D (Shutter, Oculus Rift, projection) makes the engineering and developing of physical objects easier and more intuitive for scientists, developers and engineers. Another great example Continue reading

Using the LEAP with your feet: LEAP Feet

Demonstration of using feed and LEAP Motion by Tau Manifesto.  This could be a useful way to interact with a computer for people with disabilities. Another proof for that the LEAP that it is much more than a toy (we already knew this) which could also have some serious improvements for daily life. GameWave App and Leap make it easy.
As Tao Manifesto states at his Youtube Video:

This solution has the potential to give an even greater degree of freedom to those who have disabilities

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