Perplex On – Drones (Live @ Home, Leap Motion, Ableton Push, Ma

Another great live performance with LEAP Motion. This time from Perplex On.


Perplex On: This is a live homestudio performance using a Leap Motion sensor, an iPad loaded with Animoog, Ableton Push, NI Maschine and a Launchpad Mini.

The Leap Motion sensor is controlling the Max for Live patch “grainfreeze” by Robert Henke via the “Geco MIDI” App. Animoog on the iPad is receiving midi from Ableton Live, which is triggered with the Launchpad Mini. There is also a monome emulation going on using the “gridlock” plugin by sigabort (

The table lighting is a self-built Arduino-based design responsive to the volume/frequency of certain sounds/tracks in Ableton Live.

Thanks to grëdn and Mrs. Burton for additional camera work!

This song was made for the WeeklyBeats2014 project (produce/finish 1 song each week):

You can download the song for free: