Okyp – create 3d models and interact with them

Create and interact with 3d models you created with your hands and Leap Motion in your browser. With different gestures you can do different stuff like creating, rotating and zooming. Check out this demo of Okyp by Marc Teyssier.

: Okyp is a web-based application, that allows users to create 3D models with gestural interaction. The user can experiment a new way of modeling complex shapes in a virtual environment, without any keyboard or mouse.

The intention was to develop a simple and natural interaction. The first hand detected by Leap Motion is the controller hand. Showing 3 fingers means rotation, 5 fingers means zoom. The other hand is the cursor hand. When you are ready to create the shape, just tap with a finger of the controller hand.

Okyp is a project made to explore gesture-control devices and interactive web experiment.

You have a Leap Motion ? Test it now marcteyssier.com/experiment/okyp/

Built using Three.js and Leap Motion Javascript API.

Other works on marcteyssier.com/