RC: Leapmotion controlled ARDrone

Philippe Auriach just received a drone and a leap motion. What a great conincident. He put up a short video of the first “leaping” with the drone.

Philippe AuriachI just receive a drone and a Leapmotion, it was obvious that controlling one with the other was the perfect idea. I gave it a try, developing this with node.js and several third-party libraries, it worked in a few hours. There is some improvements to do (like turning clockwise or counterclockwise, or launching a flip), but it works, and it definitely feels like being a jedi. See http://philippeauriach.me/leap+drone.php for more details. Soon on github.


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One of @inmite Hackathon 2013 results – steering ArDrone using Leap Motion. (early prototype 🙂


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