Leap motion controlled lamp with arduino and node.js

  worked on a controlled Lamp using LEAP, arduino and node.js. The whole setup  reminds a bit on the PIXAR lamp. Looks, acts and sounds fantastic.


The idea behind this work was to explore how to interface Arduino with Leapmotion, and to see what would be the precision we could get with some basic servos.

Everything is surprisingly smooth. Except for the servo when the lamp goes up, because it’s a cheap and weak one.

Since there is no lib to directly connect the Leapmotion to the Arduino, I used node.js to connect to the websocket server that streams the Leapmotion data and the johnny-five node.js lib to control the Arduino and the servos.

You can see the source code here: github.com/xseignard/leapLamp

find the whole Article here: http://xseignard.github.io/2013/06/25/interfacing-leap-motion-with-arduino-thanks-to-nodejs/


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