Experimental Scroll Interface in Browser

Use the leap to scroll and navigate through a wheel of images and posts. A great article at http://labs.leapmotion.com/

From Isaac at http://labs.leapmotion.com/:


Demo Link: http://cabbibo.com/leap/lmlab/scrollInterface/

 Scrolling is awesome. It might seem like a trivial task to us because we do it so often, but when you stop to think about it, the ability to scroll absolutely changed the game of interfaces. It allows the user to read more without having a jarring page change, and lets you hold near-infinite material in a finite amount of space. Kinda like the TARDIS. The only problem with scrolling is that you need a way to navigate it ….

Complete Article at http://labs.leapmotion.com/


Source: http://labs.leapmotion.com/