DexType Basics – writing with the Leap

Zack Dennis from DexType submitted this Article about DexType – a writing and browsing app for Chrome. Thanks!

Zack Dennis: One of the common complaints about the LEAP is that it’s very uncomfortable
to use for long periods of time.  DexType is a Chrome extension that lets
you use the LEAP to browse the web, but is designed with long-term comfort
in mind.


The controls with DexType are velocity-based, rather than position-based,
which allows the user to position themselves more comfortably (ideally,
with elbows resting on a desk). The velocity-based controls also reduce
the number of “false positives” – when the LEAP mistakenly interprets a
random action by the user as an intended command – and allows you to
reclaim the space above the device without having your computer go haywire
anytime you cross the space above the device.

DexType simulates the basic mouse functions that are critical for surfing
the web, and also provides a unique form of text entry. The keyboard for
DexType consist of a simple compression of the QWERTY* layout into a single
line. A disambiguation algorithm allows for users to bounce from key to
key quickly – without having to worry to much about accuracy – and will
predict the intended output. As soon as DexType is installed, if builds a
dictionary from your browser history, so any site you visit frequently will
automatically be provided as a suggestion by the time you’ve typed in just
five or six letters.

DexType isn’t ideal for typing long messages (though it does come equipped
with dictionaries for 26 different languages), but it’s perfect for casual
use and ideal in situations where you don’t want to touch either your
keyboard or mouse (say…while you’re eating a messy lunch). It’s a great
supplement to the keyboard-and-mouse combination, and in a pinch can even
be used to replace both of them.

Recent updates to DexType include the addition of one-hand clicking, where
the user simply points with a single finger and clicks with the thumb, and
compatibilty with LEAP’s “Touchless” control system. Upcoming features
include ten-finger typing and a gesture-based password system.

DexType is
currently available via the Chrome Web Store []
, and will soon consist of an ad-supported free version, and an ad-free
“Premium” version (which can be pre-ordered via

*Other layouts like AZERTY, QWERTZ, Colemak, and Dvorak are available too.