ever wanted to know what Oppai-Motion means?

A japanese video about Oppai-Motion – a link between hands and screen interactions….nsfw….You don’t know Oppai-Motion? Watch the video.


translated from japanese: Finally, the day the human race is in contact with the two-dimensional came! No, I will be honest in this case. Finally, the day the human race is in contact with the tits of two-dimensional came! What one of story? It is a story Mr. Damereon technology has developed, the “Oppai-Motion”. It is linked to sense the movement of hands and fingers as “Leap-Motion”, tits on the screen, that me shaking up and down left and right according to the movement of our hands, it’s a technology breakthrough! Uhyoー, Amarin! It’s the place where it seems impossible to reproduce tactile unfortunately, but I hope to technological innovation in the future there. As of a certain original anime Ranobe them, day to become a Hairikomeru so in a two-dimensional really be coming! ?


ついに、人類が二次元と接触する日がやってきた! いや、この際正直に言おう。ついに、人類が二次元のおっぱいと接触する日がやってきた­! なんの話か? ダメレオン氏が開発した技術、「Oppai-Motion」の話である。手や指の動き­を感知する「Leap-Motion」と連動し、画面上のおっぱいが、我々の手の動き­に合わせて上下左右に揺れてくれるという、画期的な技術なのだ! うひょー、タマラン! 残念ながら触感の再現までは出来ないようだが、そこは今後の技術革新に期待したいとこ­ろだ。そのうち某ラノベ原作アニメのように、本当に二次元に入りこめるようになる日が­来るのかも!?

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