Video: Best Apps overview for people who don’t know LEAP yet

Even when this Blog more focuses on experimental and techdemos, it’s also interesting for some new users who may not have a LEAP yet, to see the potentials. Many people are disappointed because of the lack of apps. But this will change soon. One of my favorite initial apps was Cyber Science Motion Free – because it showed the precise controlling with leap. This was the first WOW app so far. More Apps to come in the next weeks.User LCBradley3k comes up with this nice Top App Video and a very detailed description. thanks.

LCBradley3k put together this littel collection of actual nice apps from airspace.


The leap motion allows you to control your computer with hand gestures and motions. It tracks all of your ten fingers. The marketplace for the leap motion is called Airspace. Currently it has over 75 apps and is steadily growing. You can use this device for reading news, playing games, looking through photos, or just interact with some of the stunning visualizers. It’s accuracy goes all the way up to 1/100th millimeter.

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  •   Visualizer (free)
  •   Flocking (free)
  •   NY Times (free)
  •   Photoscape
  •   Escape Velocity
  •   LICHT little adventure
  •   Midnight
  •   Cyber Science Motion (free)

My opinion:
The leap motion controller has a lot of potential, even though it really isn’t new technology. The apps in the app store, Airspace, are really the key component of making this device evolve further. In this video, I display some of what I think are the best apps that use the most logical gestures. It would be nice to see bigger companies and corporation to incorporate their brands on this device. We have already seen New York Times has gotten in on the action.

More Information:
Leap Motion is a company developing advanced motion sensing technology for human and computer interaction. The controller is made of a single aluminum band that wraps around the entire device. It can be used with games as well as apps. Some of the games even support 2 player co-op. This means you can have one person put their hand on one side of the device, and another person on the other side. As said before, Airspace still has a lot of building to do. New apps do seem to be popping up every few days though, so it looks like it has a bright future.

Where can I buy the leap motion?

How much does the leap controller cost?

Can you use it just with your computer and not apps?
Yes, there is an app that enables you to control Windows 7, Windows 8, or Mac OS X.

How long are the usb cables?
24 inches and 60 inches.



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