David Copperfield – go home! Here comes the real magic wand fly trick.

Real magic in front of your eyes? A magic wand flies through the air. In an experimental setup user Saqoosah let’s an acrylic stick fly to the movements of his hand. All done with love, magic and leap motion. Great physical example.

Original: アクリル棒の両端につけた糸を、2 つのステッピングモーターでコントロールして、Processing 内のと同じ動きをさせてみるテスト。高さと傾きは Leap Motion で。激しくうごかすとゆれまくるけど、あるていどゆっくりめだったら安定するのでたぶんいける

Translation: Test by controlling a stepping motor, the two threads attached to both ends of the acrylic rod, try to be the same form as in the Processing. Tilt and height is Leap Motion. The spree shaking it violently when moved, but I can go maybe because it stable if it was to some extent because slowly

This video is posted for mowwmmm.tumblr.com