InMoov: controlling a robotic hand

InMoov is a completely 3D printed robot. With LEAP Motion you can control his hand and ingers in a very accurate way – Gael Langevin demonstrates it in a short video clip using a script by Seokju Le.

gael langevin: Vid:24 This video is to show the use of a Leap Motion to control the InMoov hand.¬†Thanks, for the script code, to Seokju Lee, working with professor Shim developpers at “Unmanned System Research Group (USRG) & Field Robotics Center (C-FRIEND)
Flight Dynamics and Control Laboratory (FDCL)
Dept. of Robotics Program”
Also thanks to Alessandro Didonna for his help on configuring Node.js
You can follow the progress of this project and download the printable parts on:

If you download from the site, please rate or post a picture from your print in “I made one”. It will be the only and best reward I will get for this work. And it makes me happy!!
InMoov’s looking for a brain at:
Thanks for watching.