Hovercast VR Menu: Demo 2015-01-24 (Leap Motion input)

Hovercast is a customizable menu interface for virtual reality applications. It provides menu navigation, buttons, sliders, and toggles – all using simple, reliable gestures. View the project at: https://github.com/aestheticinteractive/Hovercast-VR-Menu

This video shows the Hovercast menu in its “cubes” demo environment. It uses an Oculus Rift headset for VR, and a Leap Motion controller for the 3D hand input.

The left/right sides of this video show nearly the same images. If you carefully cross your eyes until these sides overlap in the center, you’ll see the video in 3D.

Key features:

* Hierarchical menu navigation
* Several button, selector, and slider options
* Proximity-based item selection
* Arc-shaped menu bar extending from a central point
* “Displacement menu” behavior: navigating to a parent/child level shifts the previous level out of the active menu bar
* Complete customization options, via basic settings or custom item renderers