Hovercast VR Menu: Demo 2015-01-11 (Leap Motion input)

The “Hovercast” project (formerly “Henu”) is under active development, and the overall design and experience will likely change. This video is a snapshot of the project’s progress as of January 11, 2015.

This menu system places selectable items at your fingertips. This provides an effective, on-demand menu that can be part of your virtual reality experience.

This video shows the demo experience that is included in the main “Hovercast” project. The demo allows you to change settings for the cubes, lighting, and camera. See the GitHub project (https://github.com/aestheticinteractive/Hovercast-VR-Menu) for the open-source code and other details.

Hand information is collected via Leap Motion device, which can be mounted on the front of an Oculus Rift headset.