Hotz MIDI Translator Software with a Leap Motion Controller

The Leap Motion is a multitalent – often used by people with multitalents – especially for musicians it has a lot of great possibilities and new ways to create music and sounds. Jimmy Hotz shows how he uses the “Hotz Box Translation Engine” with the LEAP Motion device.

Hotz777: Jimmy Hotz demonstrates how the Hotz Translator Software (the powerful Hotz Box translation engine) can transform a Leap Motion Controller into a Powerful Musical Instrument that anyone can play !

The Hotz Translator was invented by Jimmy Hotz and when it was first shown at a NAMM show, it was chosen as one of the top 10 things to see at NAMM by Electronic Musician Magazine.

The Hotz Software is transforming the movements over the Leap Motion Controller into the correct notes for the Chords and Scales of the music as they change in real-time. Simple gestures create the full range of chord voicings, from the most basic to extraordinarily complex. All remain perfectly in-tune with the music as it changes.

Simple Gestures can have Dramatic Results !

All possible Voicings of the active Chord are available with simple fingerings, regardless of how complex the Chord may be.

Notes of the current Musical Structures are available in
intuitive creative layouts, such as a sequential order, both horizontally and vertically.

The Hotz Translator Software transforms any MIDI Controller into a True Musical Instrument with Super Instrument capabilities. In fact the entire song used in this demo “Jimmy Hotz – Long Long Ago” was recorded using the Hotz Translator as the exclusive Performance Instrument.

Even a beginner will experience immediate Musical Gratification with the Hotz Translator Software.

Experience powerful improvisational control on a Superior level, which previously required decades of study and practice, using traditional methods.

Explore Musical Voicings and Structures, which would be very difficult, if not impossible to perform on traditional Instruments.

Whether you are an absolute beginner or a seasoned professional. This is a Musical Instrument which can greatly expand your Horizon of Creative Possibilities.

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“Long Long Ago” by Jimmy Hotz is from “The Gates of Time” project which is about the same subject matter as the Book written by Jimmy Hotz called “The Gates of Time:”

For all who have wanted to know more of what lies beyond what we call death, the Gates of Time offers a stunning glimpse into the world of the spirit and the amazing adventures that await.

For all who have ever looked up into the night sky with wonder, a reality larger than you might have ever imagined is revealed.

Time, Space and even Eternity may very well have new meaning for you after reading The Gates of Time.

Whether you are a seeker of Divine truths or just someone wanting to experience an amazing adventure unlike any you have been on before, the Gates of Time will awaken new wonder and awe within your spirit.

The Gates of Time is the first in a series of books that reveals the world of the spirit and the truly vast scope and beauty of physical creation in a new, fresh and infinitely connected way. Angels and their interactive relationship with Earth and Mankind are shown in a truly New Light!

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Jimmy Hotz is a Record Producer, Studio Engineer, Live Sound Engineer, Video Producer/Director/Editor, Road Manager, Musician, Technologist, Programmer, Musical Instrument Designer, Author and Inventor with over 35 years of broad experience in a vast range of skills covering the entertainment and technical fields.

Some of the Artists Hotz has worked with in one or more of the above capacities include; Fleetwood Mac, NSYNC, MOBIUS8, B.B. King, Dave Mason, Leon Russell, Yes, Jon Anderson, Kitaro, Steve Winwood, Chicago, Bonnie Rait, Gary Wright, Paul Haslinger, Phoebe Snow, Terry Reid, Jerry Williams, Kim Basinger, Dan Aykroyd, Patty Loveless, Becky Hobbs, the Association, ArkAngel, Petra, the Memphis Horns, Les Paul, Billy Lee Riley, Terry Rose, Mason Williams, the Smothers Brothers, Roger McGuinn, Ray Kennedy, Shock Therapy, Giant Killer, the Natives, Joe Savage, Bill Tillman, Maya, Speedy West, Memphis, Palamino, Dove, Vision, Scott Gershin, Noize Suppressor, Haven and many others.

Some of the major companies that have sought the technical advice of Hotz include Microsoft, Intel, Electronic Arts, Sid and Marty Krofft,Atari and JBL.