Extend the guitar with LM

Leap Motion a a guitar enhancement and extender – a video demonstration by musician Nicolás Earnshaw.

Nicolás Earnshaw: In this video, my guitar´s distortion is being modulated by a Leap Motion Sensor.
The dynamic qualities of my movements are translated interestingly into the subtleties of my sound; I’m not just switching distortion on or off, I am surfing up and down through all of the shades in between, in matching unity with the desired intensity I want to give to each fraction of a second of my playing.

This is a different mapping to the one I used in a previous video. Here I am tracking how much the guitar moves between each frame, regardless of current location or direction, instead of the position of it on each frame as I did the other time.

To me, it feels quite natural to stay relatively still while playing softly and to move and shake the guitar a bit while adding more intensity to a musical phrase. In this video I map the movement ammount to increase the level of overdrive + delay + high-end equalization. Through this mapping, I can stress notes and passages almost without having to pay attention to the sensor, since I’m already naturally inclined to move in the way I need to.