Abducted by a UFO! LEAP Motion + Oculus Rift DK2 Video Walkthrough! (MazerQuest v1.0)


My first development project! I hope you enjoy the video, many more to come! Thank you for watching.

Twitter: @RealityCheckDev

You have just been dropped off from a hovering ufo into a mouse maze of sorts. Wait a second, weren’t you just eating nachos? You think you were just in a field a moment a go, when the last thing you remember is a bright blue light… It seems that nothing makes any sense, chaos looms overhead and odd sounds are heard in the distance. Is there a way out? How long can I stand this music?? How have I managed to end up on this quest in this…. maze??? …eh……MAZERQUEST!!!!!!!!!! INSANE! FLIP OFF ALIENS! POUND FISTS WITH ROBOTS! EXPRESS GANG SIGNS TO PASSERBY UFOS! DO WHATEVER! JUST DONT GET STUCK! MAZERQUEST Escape the Envasion! PUZZLE SANDBOX MAZE GAME! Anti-Gravity Object Physics and unexpected twists and turns in this BRAND NEW DK2+LEAP MOTION EXPERIENCE!
Built with with the most recent SDK Updates, 4.4 DK2 OVR & 2.2 LEAP Controller. You can use a mouse and keyboard along side the Leap Controller to move around. *Gamepad Controllers work as well! Only the Leap Controller will give you the ability to advance through the maze!
The DEMO v.04 has not been updated with the newest SDK nor does it have the high quality texture pack and scene changes. The demo gives you a basic idea of the maze and using leap hands. The FULL Release is much more immersive and has a lot more eye candy!
MazerQuest – Escape the Envasion – FULL RELEASE v2.0:
Newest Leap & Oculus SDK, new texture pack, new game objects, a whole bunch of interesting scene changes, 12 new changeable hand models and many other changes added! Added Boyd Bushman Documentary in the final scene. (Peace Place)
Oculus Rift SDK 4.4 Beta*
Leap SDK 2.2.0+23485 * including updated assests
DXD11 – Unity 4
Dolby Digital 5.1 Audio*
Added Scenes w/transitional elements
Ufo/Alien Documentary in the final scene
Optimized Frame Rate
Added Shadows/Higher Quality Textures
Welcome to MazerQuest v2.0!
Press F10 in game to try black smear correction.
Use the arrow keys to switch between 12 different sets of hand models.
Game plays best for me in extended mode, sometimes you may need to make Rift the primary monitor.
There are at least two more planned updates for MazerQuest coming in the next few weeks. Thanks again for you support! Let me know what you think. I wanted to make something that was fun to play and experience at the same time. Since I am new to game development I thought I would start with a puzzle like game, thus, MAZERQUEST was born! You can now purchase the FULL RELEASE! You can also download and enjoy the Alpha Demo v.04!!!
I hope you enjoy all the future abductions!!!! Thank you very much for supporting my project, your the best! You will need a leap motion in order to get passed the obstacles! You can still walk around the main area and view the overhead ufo’s with simply your DK2 + Controller – Truly a fun experience!
More updates soon to come!
Things I would like to add include:
Support for Razer Hydra and Gamepad Hands
Character model to give a more realistic presence
Possible Multiplayer Support…..interesting things could happen… 🙂

Remember, you can still view UFO flyby’s without the leap controller! Enjoy!!! If you would like any information, assests, or have any questions please email me at realitycheckvr@gmail.com