WrenAR Oculus Leap Motion UI Demo v1.0

Here is the latest bleeding edge VR UI design using the Oculus Rift DK2 and Leap Motion Controller from WrenAR. A Windows playable version of this demo is available at www.wrenar.com. Note: you need Oculus Rift and Leap Motion controller to play the demo.

This is a stripped down version of my Lunar Prototype which focuses on some of the VR UI interactivity I’ve been working on. Unlike the full lunar prototype with 4 vehicles, objectives etc, this demo focuses solely on UI and hand interactions. The first person astronaut is the only playable character and the moon has been cleaned to streamline this demo. Here’s a list of features in this build: 1) interactive menu systems using VR and Leap Motion selection and control 2) interactive colored lenses which can be moved and combined to produce some really cool effects 3) an orb which you can manipulate using push and attract magnetic forces from your hands, as well as touch, pick up and move etc. 4) an interactive deck of cards, a reflective ui element which is interactive and movable 5) a functioning VR keyboard and screen that lets you type messages in VR space. Please visit www.wrenar.com to keep up with developments and download playable demos of everything showcased.

An updated version of the full Lunar Prototype is complete, but needs some optimization with all of these new UI elements. The new build contains a playable harvester, the blimp has been replaced by a high-tech carry-all aircraft which can pick up and drop off harvesters, a volcano event, a Saturn 5 launch event, significant updates to all other elements. This build and a video for it will be posted at www.wrenar.com in the next day or so.