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Star Canvas a B-Reel R&D Project

A huge projection, a 9ft half dome, stars, constellations, creativity and LEAP Motion – in this project by B-Reel R&D visitors can “touch” the sky. As a huge guestbook visitors could also write their names in constellations. The installation was built with WebGl and realtime star data. Continue reading

Elon Musk Reveals ‘Iron Man’ Tech for Rocket Design

Elon Musk uses the LEAP Motion to rotate and create wire models of rocket parts in a CAD software. The intuitive interaction between the objects in 3D (Shutter, Oculus Rift, projection) makes the engineering and developing of physical objects easier and more intuitive for scientists, developers and engineers. Another great example Continue reading

Analysis of the Accuracy and Robustness of the Leap Motion Controller

Computer Scientists from Technical University Dortmund have tested the accuracy and robustness of the LEAP.

Abstract: The Leap Motion Controller is a new device for hand gesture controlled user interfaces with declared sub-millimeter accuracy. However, up to this point its capabilities in real environments have not been analyzed. Therefore, this paper presents a first study of a Leap Motion Controller. The main focus of attention is on the evaluation of the accuracy Continue reading