Sky Desk & Robot Chess – Razer Hydra vs Leap Motion on Oculus Rift

Motion controls play a big part in fostering a sense of presence. Being able to wave your hands in front of your face goes a long way towards making you feel like your whole body inhabits the virtual space, as opposed to just being a set of disembodied eyes. The Razer Hydra is currently the most supported motion controller for the Rift and it has already proven pretty decent at letting you swing swords and fire guns. But this is just one piece of the puzzle – a key test of input solutions is how they handle finesse movements. The Leap Motion is just the first in what looks like a wave of solutions capable of tracking individual fingers on your hand. Whether due to a lack of developers, or just issues with the hardware, there simply haven’t been that many DK2 demos by which to compare the two tracking methods, until recently.