A robotic arm – very detailed video from concept to final product.

Mutasim Ali┬áhas uploaded a very detailed and nice video about his project: A robotic arm controlled with gestures – driven by Arduino and Leap Motion – worth watching!! Very Impressive. See in a time lapse video the creation of the whole project.

Mutasim Ali: Robotic Arm built on RC Car, Using Arduino, The Servo controller MCU and Leap motion controller.

robotic arm

Movements controlled by gestures detected by the leap motion controller.

palm position:
x_axis = right – left
y_axis = up – down
z_axis = forward – backward
pitch = pitch !
two fingers along the x_axis distances = catcher (gripper)

Mutasim Ali
email: erorr62@hotmail.com
China, Huazhong University Of Science andTechnology.