RecordPlayerVR ((Dk2+Leap Motion+Epoc))

#epoc, #dk2, #leapmotion, #unity3d, #bci, #vr, #ar
RecordPlayer is a demo in which the player have to turn on the record player in order to listen to the track. To do so, the player can, or use the Leap Motion and touch the vinyl with the index of his hand, or use the Epoc (recommended) and keep a stable state of focusing or relaxation. You can totally imagine this set-up being used for therapeutical usages, in which patients can train their motricity (arm, hand, fingers) and specific cognitive behaviors in a pleasant and personalized way.

Epoc demonstration is now online!

-That game is not a final version and is currently still in the process.
-You’ll need to train with the Epoc headset (via the control panel) and do the mapping (via emokey, really easy) in order to play.
-The command that activates the record player is “Z”.
-If you don’t have the Epoc headset or the Leap Motion, you can play with your regular keyboard or controller, no pb.