Quickstart Guide: OculusVR + LEAP Motion in Unity

Johnathon Selstad just published a nice quick start guide how to integrate LEAP Motion and Oculus Rift into Unity. Looks great! Thanks.


Johnathon Selstad:

After attaching your Leap Motion to the front of your Oculus Rift (some people like to use tape; I’ve been getting good results with super glue):

1. Get the Skeletal SDK: https://developer.leapmotion.com/down…

2. Download the Quickstart File: https://app.box.com/s/n6i7uhpn1uy83q0…

3. Import all of the file into your Oculus Project

4. Attach the HandController prefab in the Assets directory to the Right Camera in your Oculus Rift Camera.

6. You’re done!

NOTE: Make sure Optimize for Top Down Tracking and Auto Orient Tracking are ticked in your Leap Tracking Settings. Tracking is also spotty if you’re looking at your desk, so try looking (sideways or backwards) into open space and you will just much better tracking results.

Check out the other Leap examples included in the Quickstart file for ideas and code.