New Sounds from langsound

langsound once again has uploaded a video where he creates  music with his hand movements. This time it’s a string duet.

It also sounds a bit like an opera singer…

Youtube Channel: langsound


Controller: Leap Motion, 
aka.leapmotion, sensor to data
Max/MSP, data to MIDI mapping
Ableton Live, synthesis and effects

Left hand side to side motion bows string alternating by a 5th,
vertical position sets root.

Right hand opening triggers a note,
vertical position sets pitch
roll controls vibrato



0.25 h max patching, mapping and live sound design
0.25h documentation (video record, edit and post)

The above time frame might be a little underestimated as I did spend an hour or two earlier today producing code for a langsoundspeaks video. I reused some of that code and some of the live session to make this quick musical demo/test of performing the leap live…. I was pulling the lead notes out of the air, not really knowing if it would be the note I wanted… the notes were filtered to a scale, but other than that, i was guessing… Yup. I might want try that one again with some notation on the screen and make the lead notes more legato.