MazerQuest – Escape the Envasion (Oculus Rift DK2 & LEAP MOTION) Alpha Demo

MazerQuest – Escape the Envasion – Alpha v.02
Oculus Rift SDK 4.3
Leap SDK 2.1.5
DXD11 – Unity 4

Let me know what you think. I wanted to make something that was fun to play and experience at the same time. Since I am new to game development I thought I would start with a puzzle like game, thus, MAZERQUEST was born! Download and enjoy the Alpha Demo!!!
You will need a leap motion in order to get passed the obstacles!
Good luck!
Have Fun!

-Caleb E.
Reality Check Developments
Twitter: @RealityCheckDev #MazerQuest Previous Beginning Trailer MazerQuest v.01

RAR FILE –!qEdg1bia!F7LRnSEqGMtGI-DWFwwODZOjj-n909VRALseH83B2Gw
ZIP FILE –!CU9mBI6B!Pw5Y7vF21moQsAvDhEaa1kckNYl7oJFfZ-ll4oBANZA
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