LEAP Motion and SWYPE Keyboard test

Dartman333 shows a little demo of how you can use a SWYPE Keyboard with the LEAP Motion controller.
This also is a proof for the possibilities of using Android/Apple touch apps with the leap motion controller.

Dratman333: I noticed that there aren’t any keyboard apps available on the Airspace store. The reason is probably because we’re having a hard enough time getting a generally accepted good mouse app, that a keyboard is just something people aren’t trying yet. So I thought, why not try Swype?

Turns out, Swype could be a quite feasible way to have keyboard input on the LEAP. Swype’s algorithm is excellent at figuring out what you want to swipe, and paired with the right mouse app, could work pretty well.

I used Bluestacks to emulate Android and Swype, and used Touchless as the LEAP mouse input. With this test, I have to say that it wasn’t an ideal experience, but I certainly didn’t hate it. It definitely has potential.

(Note: I’m aware there would be licensing issues in getting the actual Swype app on Airspace, but creating a new app with similar functionality could definitely work.