dOculus VR Touchscreen: Oculus Rift + Leap Motion = Virtual Windows 8 Desktop

It simulates a virtual “Windows 8.1 Desktop” for the Oculus Rift you will be able to just normally use your VR projected Windows Touch Desktop floating steady over your real desktop in natural size. Of course the mouse and keyboard can also be used additional to touch. It uses a ray-tracing shader rendering up to 3000 fps and eliminating subpixel-blur generated by conventional intermediate scan-line buffers – a problem with double texture picking. Also there are no multiple render-passes needed, This gives really low latency of well under 1ms. You will also notice the regular outer cushion bars are not visible. Ray-tracing also makes this possible without wastefully oversized big buffers. This gives you an even extra field-of-view on the outer edges. Needs at least Oculus-Rift DK2, and a Leap-Motion controller to see environment and touch capability.