Cinekid Festival: a VIRTUAL MARIONETTE in space

A little space human puppet controlled in 3d-space space. A Leap Motion controlled virtual marionette in real-time in a outer space environment at Cinekid Festival Amsterdam from Anthony Scavarelli and Henri Kuschkowitz.

A Cinder, Leap, and Bullet physics created project that allows one to use their hand to control a virtual “spaceman” marionette. Showing at the Cinekid Children’s Festival in Amsterdam’s media lab 2013:

About Cinekid Festival Amsterdam, Netherlands:

Cinekid is the International Film, Television and New Media Festival for youth during autumn. The festival takes place in Amsterdam, but also comes to the children with more than 31 satellite festivals throughout the Netherlands.

Cinekid is hèt internationale Film-, Televisie- en Nieuwe Mediafestival voor de jeugd tijdens de herfstvakantie. Het festival vindt plaats in Amsterdam, maar komt ook naar de kinderen toe met meer dan 31 satellietfestivals door heel Nederland.