3d Motion Sculpting

Kitchen Budapest shows how to use the LEAP Motion as a Motion Sculpting machine.


 : Technology is only there to explore! Especially when it is not widely available.
The Leap Motion was not on sale just yet but our VVVV ninja luckily managed to get into the developer program. We were very excited when first put our hands not on but above the Leap. We could see our fingertips floating in 3D on the screen for the first time! Fingers are great and they are there to create, so we started experimenting with the possible interactions between gestures and geometry.

The result dates back hundreds of thousands of years: sculpting. Everyone has dreamed of being able to transform matter with his or her fingertips and now they can. It is only virtual but at least you don’t have to clean up the whole studio afterwards!

more info: kitchenbudapest.hu/#/projects/motion-sculpting