First use of Leap Motion during dental implant surgery

A doctor – Guillermo Rosa –  uses LEAP Motion the first time in a dental surgery. Using his hands to control 3D scans of the patients teeth. No need to touch any device.

Guillermo Rosa: Last week, I used Leap motion controler with dental imaging software at dental office during dental surgery, for navigating through cone beam computed tomography (cbct) images, planned implant surgery model and intraoperatory digital X ray images.
The system allowed intraoperative touchless control during the surgery.
I was able to navigate through the windows, zooming in and out , navigate through the diferent images and slices and use different imaging tools. It was also posible to move the 3d implant surgery planing model.
A dental implant placement simultaneously with guided bone regeneration procedure was accomplished. The combinated system performed very well , and I found it very usefull to control the system without touching anything and keeping the surgical environment.
I believe this may be the first documented and reported use of leapmotion device during dental implant and regenerative surgery, as a touchless surgical navigation system.